LA DAWSON FRONT CoVERWaiting Online for Love is a funny yet informative GPS to navigate the often difficult 21st century method of finding love called “online dating.” It will make you laugh and it will make you wonder but most of all it will make you want to turn the pages for the next delicious tidbit. Grab a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy an amusing compilation of online dating experiences from L. A. Dawson’s vault. Learn there is no fail proof plan, and that ultimately the online dating experience is shaped by the way you approach it. Be positive, understanding it will become your compass towards bliss and will change your perspective. L.A. Dawson’s keyboard confessions are sometimes poignant, sometimes funny and always informative! The kinks and kisses and stinks and stresses of online dating are just part of the single life today. Dawson teaches us to see “the wonders of the moment” with each new experience and look into your truth mirror to break old habits.

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