About Lindsay

Lindsay Alexandra Dawson is the author of multiple novels that span the globe with international intrigue, cultural turmoil, adventure, mystery, spirituality and passion. The written word and foreign languages have fascinated her since she was a child and prompted her study and travel to Europe, Morocco and Jordan. Her writing has been compared to the works of Jodi Picoult, with their sensitive exploration of controversial issues and child in jeopardy topics, and Elizabeth Gilbert where the emotional tapestries of Eat, Pray, Love come alive in her books. Dawson's novels will resonate with readers of Luanne Rice, Susan Wiggs, and Khaled Hosseini.


Experiencing these rich and colorful cultures first hand, and endeavoring to learn the very difficult languages and customs was an exhilarating challenge that provided remarkable lifetime memories. Those experiences, her immersion into exotic cultures and her connections with the fascinating people of those lands inspired the stories that run around in her head like movies. Putting them on paper is one of the greatest joys of her life. As much as her world travels influence her writing, L. A. Dawson pulls flavor, characterizations and plot twists and trials from many facets of her personal world and history:


dancing1The Art of Dance: L. A. Dawson’s earliest foray into the arts began in childhood, culminating in twelve years of classical piano, practicing three hours of day. Music was just the foundation for her true calling: dance. At the age of fifteen, inspired by a dream, she knew she was meant to dance. She then told her mother she was ending her piano practice immediately and then walked into a studio and began to study ballet and ballroom dance. Competing in the Harvest Moon Ball at Roseland Ballroom was one of the highlights in her life.  Many of the professional dancers that completed in the Harvest Moon Ball, later became her dancing coaches and mentors. Studying at Skidmore College with prima ballerina Melissa Hayden was another defining moment. Her passion for ballroom dance led her all the way to the Middle East, where she not only competed professionally, but caught the eye of a powerful dignitary. The movements, rhythms, colors and sounds of ballroom now take a prominent place in her writing.


The Art of Cultural Background: The Art of Cultural Background: Another influential experience was when her mother told her that her maternal grandfather was possibly Native American. It was always a source of interest to L. A. Dawson because while working in San Antonio, Texas, the Native American community approached her often asking, “What tribe are you from?”


Recently, in search of the answer to that question, she had her DNA tested. Although specific tribes cannot be determined yet, she found out that she is indeed Peruvian/Bolivian Indian and Mexican Indian in addition to some very interesting heritage. This experience in exploring her heritage with all the curiosity of an anthropologist, colors her current novels which are rich and deep in cultural flavor, symbolism and the ties to ancestry and unshakeable tradition with all of its expanses and limits. L. A. Dawson says,



“I also learned that DNA is not that your mother was Scottish and your father was Dutch or the fact that you have blonde hair and green eyes. It goes deeper and further back to ancient roots, which is a story onto itself... one which I intend to fictionalize.”

Lindsay - 239The Art of Place: Although her world travels influence her writing in the deepest way possible, L. A. Dawson’s summers spent at the New Jersey Shore have filled the pages of one of her beach-setting novels, capturing the spirit of ocean-air society and giving the reader a glimpse into her years of living oceanside, much like Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s accounts of her years by the sea. Ms. Lindbergh never socialized with the salty, scheming, and socialite types that populate her novels, however. A life spent by the sea inspires many authors, and the fascination in L. A. Dawson's novels comes from her unique blend of art, movement, cultural depth and the intricacies of the social ladder.


Lindsay Dawson is also a successful entrepreneur, having owned two businesses -- Lexi’s Originals hand-painted clothing and Design by Alexandra, an interior decorating business specializing in kitchen and bath renovations. As a side line of Design by Alexandra, she designed one-of-a-kind wedding veils, both traditional and fantasy, as well as cherished wedding bouquets made with silk and crystal flowers that attracted the attention of bridal clients and top wedding media.


Presently Ms. Dawson resides in New Jersey with her two children and four very happy canine friends.